Monday, February 1, 2010


Harrow world!

I saw this while lurking around the interwebs today.


Yes, that really is Leonidas from the movie 300. I’m already quite a huge fan of the movie but never had I thought of printing his face on my car! Awesome stuffs I must say. Mr. Car owner, if you saw a black Myvi on the road honking you. Please don’t me intimidated. I just wanna say hi. =D

Oh yeah! I was talking to Jowai when I saw this. And we got engaged in a highly retarded conversation where I got an epiphany and he labled me a sohai.

Click the picture to see clearly.

Pure awesomeness!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday





I know, it have been almost 3 days late, due to alcohol on New Year's Eve and mad busy. Anyhow, 2 years ago on the first of January I started it, and 2 years later, surprisingly I didn't abandon it until today. It started simply because I have a lot of ideas and thoughts but did not know where to channel it to, thus... *tada* ThePlainMe was born! Although I still don't have much followers and visitors whatsoever, that wouldn't stop me from writing and keep going till the world ends or me dropping dead one day, whichever comes first. =D

Here's for the past 2 years and the many years to come! Cheers!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Untitled #4

First things first, I stumble upon this drop dead gorgeous chick on the net the other day. Look at those killer eyes and bee stung lips. God damn! Ok back to what I wanted to say, this would be a short post, I’m so damn tired after gym.








PS: To anyone reading this, it’s not about you, don’t be prasan. =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

King’s of Leon


Cold Desert

I'm on the corner waiting for a light to come on
that's when i know that you're alone
it's cold in the desert water never sees the ground
special ones walk on without sound
told me you love me, that i'd never die alone
hand over your heart let's go on
everyone knowed it everyone has seen the signs
i've always been known to cross lines
i never ever cried when i was feeling down
ive always been scared of the sound
jesus don't love me no-one ever carried my load
im too young to feel this old
nobody knows
nobody sees
nobody but me


PS: He was drunk when he recorded this… I kid you not. Who says alcohol spoils your brain? Grab yourself their new album if you like alternative bands, real brilliant shit!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Untitled #3

I should have seen it coming. When it hits the fan all hell just breaks loose. Life is just full of little oxymoron, you know it’s gonna harm you but somehow, you just want to get closer to it, you thought that maybe… Just maybe, you could catch a glimpse on something you wanted to see, or something you don’t. If you saw something you wanted, you might be happy for the rest of your life, if you don’t, then you got screwed by your own head into thinking that the false reality you created in your head will come true… It’s that SIMPLE.

I felt I am being consumed by this darkness for awhile now, everything I see have this layer of grey to it, as such, even now during the Christmas month, I just couldn’t be in the mood, no matter how beautiful this month is, with Christmas carol playing every where on the streets in the malls, well not that I hate Christmas, it’s still my favourite time of the year, but I just couldn’t feel it. Is it that simple? or I just felt numb… Numb by the degree of pain and suffering I felt, numb by the amount of hurt inflicted upon me, I wonder. It was the right thing to do I guess during my friend’s coming of age party that night, to drink and be merry. Of course where there’s a party, there’s alcohol. Thinking that the degree of numbness might prevent me from getting drunk, I did cups after cups of whiskey. And of course, in the end, I got drunk. How foolish I am.


This time, things are a little bit different, I started to think of how shitty the past few months are for me and for the first time, I felt something, I felt the heat when the alcohol went down my throat, I felt the amount of smoke around the room, I felt every single thing and boy do I miss it. Then instead of drink and be merry, it became drown all your motherfucking sorrows in alcohol. Needless to say, when your drinking with a broken heart, sadness ensues, and then the tears. Yes, I cried. I cried like I never cried before in my whole life. There’s no shame in crying, even for a grown ass man. You just have to let it all out one way or another, for me it’s either punching everyone in the face or crying my ass off. I chose the latter. Afterwards was all a blur for me. I remembered I was carried into the private washroom and was interrogated by every single one of them. I don’t remember anything after that. But one thing was for sure, I sure as hell said a lot of things that was not suppose to be said. And neither of them was a lie. As much as I wanted to clarify it now, I chose not to, because I knew that some things are better keep it to yourself than disclosed it to anyone. I done the exact opposite of that. If I hurt anyone’s feeling that night, I’m sorry, I apologize. But I have no regrets.


Now you would think that why the hell would I wrote this out in my blog so that everyone (or the lack of) could read it and think of how much of a fool I am that night. Well, I just couldn’t care much, I felt like writing right now.


PS: This was suppose to be just one of the drafts that weren’t meant to be posted up. But what the hell right, my blog is just too dead right now. =P

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I cook this…

Sorry peeps, been a very bad time for me these days, thus the previous emo posts.

So I have been cooking this few days for my family. The reason why? I don’t know, maybe I miss them a whole freaking lot when I am away in Kampar or maybe just wanted to get outta the chaos that have been brewing in my head for awhile. I need a break, that’s why I cook!

Flying Spaghetti Monster Monday

First dish on Monday was my awesome Spaghetti Bolognaise and salad with my family favourite Thousand Island Sauce.



I made the Bolognaise sauce with capsicum, tomatoes, ground pork, carrots, a can of pre-made spaghetti sauce which I don’t remember the brand, some cheese, onions and garlic. You have to add extra tomatoes to the sauce though, especially fresh ones, because the can one’s isn’t that enough, so a little extra acidity on the sauce makes a lot of difference! AND cheese, I used grated Parmesan which gives the sauce a bit of thickening and that added dairy flavour to it, giving the sauce some extra touch! (Whadaya know? a lil time away from your family makes me a spaghetti expert now! =D Nah, just joking.)

The picture don’t do justice to it though, but the taste I can assure you, it tastes Italiano~ Well for the garden salad, it’s just Buttercup greens, carrots, onions and tomatoes, nothing special.

Bacons and Tuesdays

Yeap! It’s officially bacons and Tuesdays, declared by me! So we shall all have bacons that day. Too bad for some other people who don’t take porku! They missing out a lot!

Without further ado, my breakfast for dinner! Why breakfast for dinner? Just because I can!

DSC07970DSC07968 DSC07969<3 eggs

Don’t ask me how I made it. My mind was somewhere else, so it just came out heart shape-ish after cracking them into the wok.



In case you’re wondering what those little flakes are. Those are Italian herbs, where you can find them in any good hypermarkets. I use Masterfoods.

Yep that concludes what I had for dinner for the past two days. And for dinner tonight, instant noodles with sausages. Cause I had banana leaf rice with mervtheperv and WaiKin. Chao-ao-side modafucka!

PS: You gotta vote for this girl! Anyone seeing this now. She might be appearing in future FHM’s girl next door or something! Make this her stepping stone! So in the future you can brag to your half drunken mates in the bar that YOU helped bringing her to fame! So Type MODV (space) MEL to 36660 NOW!


More details click here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Untitled #2

I felt I am losing a lot of things lately. It’s a pretty fuck up feeling I can tell you that. It’s like you know it’s happening and you’re doing everything just to stop it, but somehow, it isn’t working.

The feeling of losing something sucks. Especially your best friends. Friends you know you can count on every time you fall, friends you know, you can tell them everything, friends you can always hangout with, friends you can do all your embarrassing stuffs in front of them and will not think that your a nutcase sohai. Friends you can rely on when you’re on your edge. Friends you can talk to till 4 in the morning and is still eager to go on. Friends who can borrow you their shoulder when you fuck up something. Friends…

Man, I don’t know bout you guys, but everything we did, meant fucking a lot to me alright. I don’t care if I sound like a lil bitch yapping bout now. I just want things to be back to what it used to be dammit. I felt remorse now. I’ve learnt my lesson. I really want to patch things up to what it used to be. I want to right my wrongs. I’m making an effort but I don’t know if its working. It’s up to you guys to tell me now.

[204+Hanging2.jpg]credits to stickgal

PS: You know who you are.

Holla me if you care.